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Living Doll Performer
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JOHNman is the international artistic director of the World Living Statues Festival in Arnhem!

After having won the world championships in 2010 and 2013 he was appointed this year to the international artistic director of the Festival.

Now he is searching for new and innovative Living Statue Acts for the Festival 2017 on Sept. 30th and Oct.1st.
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CANDYman - the sweetest
Show on Tour!
"World Champion of Living Statues"
2010 in Arnheim / NL
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CANDYman is an entertaining character who in his choreographed 20-minute show dispenses a lot of - guess what? - CANDIES!

This artificial salesman of sweets and candies plays with the audience with surprising tricks and gags.

At the World Statues Festival 2010, the international jury as well as audiences were so impressed by his character CANDYman, he now owns the official title “World Champion 2010”.
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Phone: +49 172 8338229
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