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Living Doll Performer
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JOHNman is the international artistic director of the World Living Statues Festival in Arnhem!

After having won the world championships in 2010 and 2013 he was appointed this year to the international artistic director of the Festival.

Now he is searching for new and innovative Living Statue Acts for the Festival 2017 on Sept. 30th and Oct.1st.
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"World Champion of Living Statues"
2013 in Arnheim / NL
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The puristic concept of BLANKO is totally different to the other characters of JOHNman, which are much more pompous concerning Make up and costume.
Completely white in the beginning the character becomes a living projection for the audience, who start painting BLANKO with the provided colours and brushes bringing in their own creativity.
After the first hesitant brushstrokes BLANKO will be painted over and over again. The performance turns into a real happening creating modern art. Even Jackson Pollock could not make it better!
"On 29th of September 2013 the World Championship of Living Statues took place again in Arnheim, Netherlands. More than 200 artists took part in this competition, which is the biggest of that kind in the world with around 300 000 visitors .
"BLANKO" performed by JOHNman was outstanding in the great variety of performances. He inspired the audience and convinced the international jury.
In the end he not only won the price in the category "concept" but also got the title "World Champion 2013". He is the first double World champion so far as he won the price already in 2010."
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